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Guitar Kickstand - a unique guitar stand
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Kickstand Is Unique
It attaches to the guitar and becomes the support system when you are not playing

KickStand earns award nomination for product of the year, an elegant yet simple solution for players tired of carrying multi-part Guitar Stand.

Guitar Player Magazine:

"Kudos, total portability, doesn't alter guitar" (article not paid advertising).

Modern Guitar Magazine:

"Drawing attention at the Summer NAMM show" (article not paid advertising).

Performer Magazine:

"Built in silicone pads on the stand cushion it against your guitar" (article not paid advertising).

Performing Songwritters Magazine:

"Requires no modification to your guitar and it still fits in your case" (article not paid advertising).

Slash (Guns & Roses/Velvet Revolver)

"This is the coolest thing anyone has ever handed to me"

Vernon Reid (Living Color)

"Now this is different, I like it"

Eliminates the hassle of remembering packing and carrying around a Guitar Stand. NAMM addities

Hook one of theses babies on your Guitar and just Flip it out when you want to put your Guitar down.

A Convenient and unique Guitar Stand.

Kickstand seems to be the appropriate solution.

The only guitar stand you'll never have to carry, ever again. Revolutionary.

I love it, such a simple idea.

Less gear to haul. Say goodbye to your separate guitar stands forever.

Extremely Lightweight & Compact. Requires no modification to your guitar.

Guitar Edge Magazine:

"No modification needed, unobtrusive and out of site" (article not paid advertising).